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שם:  ID: 8806 - Maria
גיל:  19
גובה:  173
משקל:  56
עיניים:  grey
שיער:  black
השכלה:  School
מקצוע:  not working
תעסוקה:  not working
הורוסקופ:  Sagittarius
מצב משפחתי:  רווקה
ילדים:  none
שפות:  ,other,
עיר:  חרסון
ארץ:  אוקראינה
מוזיקה:  Some Music 
ספורט:  Love Sport 
בעלי חיים:  Love Pets 

About me: I draw, I love to sing, I read a lot of s, sometimes I write poems and study English. I like to travel, I appreciate people who do something for me to help. I love white semi-dry wine. In company with friends I can drink a little wine. I am designing clothes. Favorite color: black, red, pink. I love black roses and white daisies. The style of clothes depends on the event.

Looking: Gentle, tall, courageous (so that the girl could feel behind the defenseless mans back), purposeful to be responsible for his words, smart, handsome, did not lie and appreciated what they do for him, not walking, with education. Loved cared and respected.

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