Katya's Profile!

Name: Katya - ID: 5573
Age: 38
Height: 165cm ~ 5.41ft
Weight: 52kg ~ 114.64lb
Eyes: grey
Hair: blonde
Education: Bachelor Degree
Profession: Other,
Occupation: Other
Zodiac: Aries
Marital status: Single
Children: none
Language: english, english
City: Metalist
Country: Ukraine
Music: jazz
Sport: footbal, ice_skating
Pets: cat

About me: I am sociable, romantic, reliable, out-going, caring, tender, open-hearted, kind, loving, honest, faithful girl… I will always give a hand of support when it is needed… I will always be near, even if I am far away… I will always be in your heart… I value such things in relationship as honesty, reliability, trust, communication and faithfulness… I do want to find a man with whom we will sit somewhere near the sea and overlook the uncontrolled waves of the ocean and communicate on our heart level… without words… just our hearts…I have dreams, some of them are stupid, I know, but I want to have a man near, who won’t say: “Hey, you are stupid if you believe that they will come true!!! You will fail!!!” I want a man near me who will say: “Darling, I believe in you and I am sure that your dreams will come true!!!”

Looking: Sometimes it is just a dream to find a man who will be an ideal man for you, a man you have been looking for all your life, a man you have been dreaming about all those sleepless nights, a man you have been reading about in all those novels and magazine stories about love, a man who will be understanding, loveable, caring, reliable, sociable, honest, and the most important thing- FAITHFUL!!!… sometimes, it seems to me that it is only a dream to find such man, but then I catch myself on the thought that if I believe in him, I will meet him one day… I believe that there is such man… he was born to be with me, he is my other half, but may be he doesn’t know about it right now… I am sure that when I receive a letter from him, my heart will beat faster…

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